Ledana Lounge bar


in long summer days and nights.

Ledana lounge & bar is a modern designed bar where architects design able to correlate historical value to modern trends and requirements. Former icehouse space that housed the bar was built in the early 19th century as a building for storing ice passed from Velebit, and served for the surrounding urban café for the first ice cream and drinks.


We believe our craft, when approached with genuine attention to people’s expectation, should delight the senses. In the process, whether a relaxing moment, a business meeting, or time with loved ones, we aim to make it worthwhile to coffee with us.


Drink  perfectly balanced cocktail in shades of Queen Jelena Park in Zadar, white listening to a singing of a birds so close but so far form city noises. Drinks are inspired by the flavours and fragrances of Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.


Enjoy Shisha (Hookah, waterpipe, nargila) wtih many exotic flavours in Ledana Lounge Bar in old town core of Zadar while drinking a refreshing cocktails and the most tasty and aromatic shisha you have ever taste, in more than 10 different flavors.