Ledana Night Club

With licence to fun!

in long summer days and nights.

Ledana lounge & bar is a modern designed bar where architects design able to correlate historical value to modern trends and requirements. Former icehouse space that housed the bar was built in the early 19th century as a building for storing ice passed from Velebit, and served for the surrounding urban café for the first ice cream and drinks.

best dj

There is no good party without a good DJ. That is why we have the best DJ´s in town, to give you an unforgetable party during long summer nights. Visit Ledana for the first time, and we guarantee you will be back!


Charlie has in angels, but Ledana has its own 🙂 During hot summer nights do not hesitate to visit Us to experience hot female and male dancers and fire performers white enjoying best cocktail, drinks and Shisha in town!


Experience best of Ledana while enjoying privacy and personal waiter in the interior or exterior VIP lounge or seating zone during our unique summer parties under the open sky of Queen Jelena Park.